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We understand that deciding which unit to select is a long process, and that your unit will be your home for a long time. Leave it to our experienced fengshui consultants by sending in the floorplans of your shortlisted units. We will help to make your unit selection stress-free with no regrets in life.

What we Do

Benefits of Selecting Your Fengshui Unit

For more than 31 years, we dedicated ourselves to giving advice that is clear, reassuring, and actionable.This is empowering harmony the ability to face life’s most important questions with a balanced outlook, making confident decisions that result in peace of mid.

Improve Mood And Energy


Attract Opportunities And Benefactors

Auspicious Date Selection for Special Ocassions

To ensure smooth progress and favourable outcomes, it is essential to select an auspicious date for important events and special occasions. Going beyond the traditional Chinese Almanac, your Eight Characters will also be taken into consideration amongst all factors. Be it an auspicious date for wedding, giving birth or the launching of an event/product etc., our masters can provide you with suitable dates that set your mind at rest.

Business Forecast

We can predict whether the business can be profitable, including online business and offline business. We can accurately predict the future direction of the business and give a time point. We will score your business. We can even tell you whether a business partner is worth long-term cooperation

Investment forecast

We can predict stock, fund, futures, virtual currency and other investments. We can directly give whether the project can be profitable and accurately score the project. When the project will change, we will give an early warning when the project has the risk of loss

Fortune reading

We can read your previous and future fortunes, tell you what to pay attention to and the key points to avoid. We can roughly tell the time point of important events on you. We predict that the time of fortunes can be as long as one year



A person’s name has an influence on his or her life. With consideration of your baby’s bazi during the selection of a Chinese Baby Name, it brings positive influences for your baby, aiding in the improvement of their luck and life ahead.

Over 31111 Happy Families & Counting


Balances Out Baby’s Elements

Arrange an online meeting with us and you will find the best way to plan your space using Feng Shui and architectural principles!

We have certified feng shui masters with true Chinese classical tradition – welcome to use panda Feng Shui service. I’m glad to open the door for you to understand the extraordinary potential that Feng Shui art and science can release into your life and career. Our school can help coordinate your environment. Help you balance your family and workplace and improve your wealth, relationships, career and health

Use energy to achieve harmony and luck


Personalized Feng Shui scheme

Can my interior designer help me with feng shui?

Some interior designers also have training in the principles of feng shui. If you’re hiring a local interior designer during a home renovation, but you also want to incorporate feng shui into your space, it would make sense to look for one that can support you in this element at the same time.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a feng shui consultant?

Hiring a feng shui consultant can help you achieve harmony and balance in your living spaceby aligning your energy with your surroundings. It won’t just help you feel better about your home; it may also help you improve other aspects of your life—like stress levels, love, health, and finances.
Through my company, panda fengshui, I regularly provide personalized professional face-to-face and virtual Feng Shui consulting and seminars.
Panda Fengshui often works with home builders to develop new residential development projects, but we also work with a variety of clients, from individuals seeking housing advice to chain hotels, real estate investors, commercial developers, agents, brokers and fortune 500 companies seeking improvement in their business.
We use feng shui knowledge to control Qi to help my clients develop better relationships, find love, develop their careers, accumulate wealth, improve health, and even improve their fertility to have children

Feng Shui service

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