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10 reviews for – Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui – Kingston, Karen – Livres

  1. twotiercats

    This is a fairly old book now, I have a copy from some time ago which is very helpful if you need advice on space clearing and the benefits of clearing out all the rubbish from your life.I bought this for a friend as I still refer to mine and probably always will.A good read for the spiritual person or those in need of some direction.

  2. Nuno Monteiro

    I’m going to get the whole series from Karen Kingston!I just love her books and the way she explains things, Full of useful hints for newbies and feng shui practitioners!

  3. PHAllen

    This book isn’t so much about Feng Shui as gaining perspective and letting go. After many many years of holding on to ‘stuff’, I was finally able to get the right perspective to let it go, thanks to this book and even after I’m able to maintain my new mindset.

  4. gayn

    Fast delivery and excellent condition. I bought this book a few years ago and lost it. Really good book with great advice on deck uttering and placement.

  5. willow

    I enjoyed this book (I do prefer the Clutter clearing one though),it gives lots of helpful information about purifying your home and making the energy sacred including a full ritual and feng shui tips on manifesting what you want in your life.

  6. oolala

    I bought a used book . And the description was truthful and book was as described. Will recommend Brit Books .

  7. Charmanda

    WHAT A GREAT BOOK!! It was great because it explains all the history of energy and feng shui

  8. christine holland

    really love this book cant put it down have put into practice some of the recommendation but still have a long way to go would recommend to anyone that want to improve their lives thank you

  9. Trish Collett

    This is the easiest to understand book on Feng Shui that I have read. Full of really good advice, it will change your life for the better!

  10. judy

    I bought this book years ago and then a friend of mine was having a hard time getting rid of ‘stuff’ so bought her a second hand copy of this. She is thrilled and it seems that this is just what she needed. People with the tendencies to hoard may be helped with this read. Jbangles

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