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A Course in Real Feng Shui Make Your Property Work for You, at All Times S.T., Althea: Livres

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for A Course in Real Feng Shui Make Your Property Work for You, at All Times S.T., Althea: Livres

  1. Bliya

    Love to read this book. It contains a lot of good information.

  2. Mila S. Kleinbergs

    I am always on the lookout for new Feng Shui books to add to my collection. I must say I’m quite happy impressed with this book. It is so comprehensive and it reveals many of the secrets that I learned from taking expensive live Feng Shui classes that I had paid big bucks for in the past few years. This book is written so methodically that would make it easy for a beginner to follow and learn from. To me, this book has far greater value than the more expensive books from other authors that I have bought previously based on its contents and the level of knowledge it imparts to its readers. I almost signed up for an expensive online class offered by a famous classical Feng Shui master and I ‘m glad I didn’t because this book covers exactly the same topics which that online class offered. I saved almost $1950 by buying this book instead. If I am to teach a Feng Shui class in the future, I will definitely use this as my class textbook.

  3. Erhi

    This is for those serious about feng shui, it goes beyond just de-cluttering or what element belongs in which direction. It is quite thorough, I’ve read through it 3 times and am still learning new things/ coming to new understandings. There are parts where she gets real mathematical though that’s hard for the layman to grasp.

  4. Kailua Girl

    Awesome deal!

  5. paula

    One of the most useful and practicals book in Feng Shui I have read. It is Great for consultants with deep information and practical examples.

  6. cristina prinner

    This book is by far the best I have read on this theme. It is accurate, in depth without being too much. I would recommend it to anyone that takes the concept seriously and wants to know why and how. Tops everything else I have in the library with ease, elegance and precision.

  7. AN

    I’ve been studying Feng Shui since 1999 and without any doubt this is the best book I have ever read.Basic Feng Shui, Eight Houses, Flying Stars, it’s all in there. The author even reveals the elusive secret formulas that Feng Shui “masters” have kept to themselves.Without doubt, it’s better than any course that I have ever taken.

  8. Puja

    Super book. Full of relevant information in a very easy to access way.

  9. Kindle Customer

    Love the book. It is a real classical Feng Shui.

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