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A Master Course in Feng-Shui An In-Depth Program for Learning to Choose, Design, and Enhance the Spaces Where We Live and Work: 9781570625848: Wong, Eva: Libros

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10 reviews for A Master Course in Feng-Shui An In-Depth Program for Learning to Choose, Design, and Enhance the Spaces Where We Live and Work: 9781570625848: Wong, Eva: Libros

  1. Story Reader

    I recently purchased several books on feng-shui and noticed a real difference in the way each author approached this subject. This particular book is certainly appropriately titled, as a “master” course. For those readers seeking a complete and traditional understanding, with many diagrams and photos, this is the book.I would not recommend this title for the casual reader looking for a few interior design tips on de-cuttering, simplifying, and colors. Rather, this book is for the serious student diving deeper into the details of feng-shui.This would also be a good volume those building homes and making long-term design decisions.I highly recommend this title, but again for those looking for a serious study on feng-shi.

  2. H. Huynh

    I found that this book is excellent! Lots of useful information and pictures. There are complicated calculations. However, if you read the parts 3-5 times, you will get it. Be patient and you will learn so much.Note: This book is best suited for intermediate/advanced Feng Shui readers. If you are new to Feng Shui, this book might not for you. If you are looking for Interior design, you will find this book helpful but another book mainly for interior Feng Shui will fit you better.Thank you Eva for a great book! Now I can see houses with a different perspective.

  3. H. K.

    It is indeed a great course book, not something casual for the coffee table with pretty pictures.I am in the process of working through the course material and it has lots of good information.One of my better book buys!

  4. bandazar

    I’ve read about a dozen or two feng shui books, from flying star, to black hat, and even the garden variety that is popularized by Lillion Too. This book, along with “Idiot’s guide to Feng shui” are the two books I’d recommend most, and might be the only 2 feng shui books you really need if you are on a budget. “Idiot’s guide to feng shui” is the most accurate book I’ve found so far after experimentation. This is not to say that others may experience different results and may be right/wrong.. this is just from my personal experience. Also the hong kong method of dividing up a structure into a pie structure, instead of chopping up into 9 palaces is, from my own experience, more accurate (which is the method outlined in “Idiot’s guide to feng shui”).There are also other things in her book that I don’t agree with. The method for determining facing directions in an apartment complex isn’t necessarily spot on from my own experience. If anything, I think the book “Feng Shui Demystified” (first book) has it right when it says that the facing is the direction from which wind can most easily spread into a structure. This can be the place that has most windows – but not necessarily so. In my particular condo for example, the facing direction is not the same place (from my own experimentation), as where the windows face. Most of the windows are kept closed and wind energy comes up from below from the larger structure itself, up elevator, stairs, and through the vents.I also don’t agree with necessarily putting red in the palaces that have the best stars either. I think the theory behind this is that you want to energize a sector that has good stars. And red is one way of doing this. But the color red also has the fire element to it which may or may not be a good thing depending other factors within the sector (look at the mansion formula in “Idiot’s guide to Feng shui”, for example).But otherwise, there are a lot of concepts in this book that I couldn’t easily find in other books or there were some points that were clarified that were confusing in other books. Again, this would be my 2nd most recommended feng shui book after “Idiot’s guide to feng shui”. This is overall an excellent book.

  5. Ixus

    Fengshui is a complicated subject which really takes years of training. I’ve bought several books on Fengshui and none of them came to my expectations as this book. This is “THE” book for authentic Fengshui. Most of the books out there are repetitious, explaining Black Tortise, Red Raven, White Tiger, Green Dragon, etc… yes… so?? and??? you wouldn’t get the feel of what Fengshui is.This book lets you get that “mystical” feel of Fengshui. It explains how to use it practically in your life, how to calculate harmonious places in your house, how to really use the compass, etc. I love this book so much. The pages in my book are falling apart, since I flip the pages so often. The book offers a course like study, letting you develop the feel by yourself with the excercise given. By the end of the course, you would be able to adjust your room or house according to the Fengshui rules.

  6. RockOn

    i have read many books on this subject, but this is the one book that helped me learn about feng-shui. it is an invaluable resource for me in deciding the use of my apartment and arranging items within it.since i have read many books, i was exposed to the different disciplines of feng shui, and i tend to mix them and get a bit confused on the applications. but since finding this book, I am following ms.wong’s teachings and it has helped me understand the subject and apply its priciples.if you want a good understanding on the disciplines she teaches get this book, if you want a quick overview this is not the book.

  7. Lazytea

    Exactly as described – this is a master’s course. Very well organized, highly detailed, lots of illustrations and photos. One of my favorite resources on the topic.

  8. Rocoda

    Extensive. A little high-brow, but wonderfully complete.

  9. Carmen Valdebenito

    As intereresting as Feng Shui is, it is undeniable it can be a little complicated. This book clearly explains and gives examples and descriptions (even do-it-yourself excersises!) of many situations of good and bad FS. Once you’ve read and understood the different sections you can actually apply this knowledge to your own home and business. It is not for those who get easily bored, don’t really like to read or want something faster for their houses or offices (for you, there’s ‘Feng Shui DOs & TABOOs’, by Angi Ma Wong), but if you really are interested in this subject as science, DO buy it, read it once, twice and then turn your house into whatever kind of place you’ve always wanted it to be.

  10. Sharon Mayes

    Really helpful and detailed.

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