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A Little Bit of Feng Shui An Introduction to the Energy of the Home (Volume 28) (Little Bit Series): 9781454944331: Johnson, Ai Matsui: Libros

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7 reviews for A Little Bit of Feng Shui An Introduction to the Energy of the Home (Volume 28) (Little Bit Series): 9781454944331: Johnson, Ai Matsui: Libros

  1. Kindle Customer

    An interesting & informative overview of Feng Shui. It follows the philosophical underpinnings through step by step home décor. Highly recommended.

  2. Krystal Marie Mlady

    I have a bunch of these books by this author, but I bought this one for my grandma. She loves it just like I love the rest of the books that I own by them.

  3. Eri

    One of my friends gave me this book when I moved to a new apartment. I actually didn’t know anything about Feng Shui, but this book is easy to read and really helped me arrange my room especially when I was indecisive about choosing furniture and layout. It gave me nice suggestions that I really enjoyed it. It’s a great gift for anyone arranging their space!

  4. Junko Matsushita

    I read “A little bit of Feng Shui“ with my husband and we both loved it! It give a nice and friendly approach to could be a little complicated subject of Feng Shui with charts and easy to understand explanations. The book is also practical that we could apply the theory to our home while reading. I even liked the look of the book and displayed it on my desk. My husband is wanting to read a next book from this series.

  5. Ninja ManNinja Man

    This book explains the complex teachings of Feng Shui (I think) in an easy-to-understand manner.Each chapter goes in light and good tempo, so I was able to read it without getting bored in the middle, and I felt familiar with Feng Shui because I realized that it can be easily incorporated into our daily lives and be useful.I also liked the color design of the book’s cover.I like this book’s handy size, so I can carry it with me if I need it.I’m going to try to implement some of the teachings in this book and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  6. Amazon Customer

    After reading the book, I learned a lot of the basic of Feng Shui. It is a unique, interesting and well organized book.

  7. C. Ireland

    I loved this book! Feng Shui is a topic that I have wanted to learn about for a long time, but it felt so complicated. This book provided so good information in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I have incorporated a number of changes into my house and look forward to making several more. I have already purchased another copy for a friend’s housewarming present. Thank you!

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