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Feng Shui For Dummies, 2nd Edition Kennedy Livres

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10 reviews for Feng Shui For Dummies, 2nd Edition Kennedy Livres

  1. M

    I’ve managed to pick up and put into use a few Feng Shui concepts over the years but it’s nice to have it all in one place and relayed in an easy to understand way. It’s a nice book to dip in an out of if you’re looking for a specific cure but a lot of the methods are probably not going to be much use to me because of all the stuff that I’d need to buy to try them out. I’d have to buy a sackload of faceted crystals for a start…and little round mirrors (and full sized ones too), and bagua mirrors…Basically, lots of mirrors. I’ll try and put as much as I can into practice though and this is the book to help me do it.

  2. its only me x

    I have always been interested in Feng Shui but have never got round to buying a book.The dummies sets of books are brilliant and this one also didn’t disappoint.The contents list is very thorough and gives a very good indication on where to find the information you want.The book covers the history and philosophy of Feng Shui in a concise and interesting way.It is the kind of book that you can dip in and out of and doesn’t have to be read page by page.I would highly recommend this and look forward to carrying out some minor tweaks in my home that go alongside Feng Shui principles

  3. Mr Bigsby

    If you want a definitive straight to the pint, easy to understand and simple to navigate guide to Feng Shui, this Feng Shui For Dummies book is likely to be it. This is the second edition of this ‘dummies’ book, and it covers absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about Feng Shui. If you just want to implement some changes by changing colours or introducing the five elements, this guide explains the low level stuff clearly and with lots of diagrams and charts. If you want to go deeper into Feng Shui, it’s all in here too – everything from seating positions to using the 50% rule. I’m completely engrossed in this book, and my surroundings are taking shape. But this book also teaches the philosophy and psychology behind Feng Shui so it’s as interesting as it is instructive. At £16.99, I think this is a fantastic investment for anyone considering getting a little….or a lot of Feng Shui into their lives.

  4. mssmith1

    I’ve dipped in and out of many Dummies guides over the last decade or so, and they really vary in depth and quality. This one is very much at the high-quality end. It packs in a huge amount of detail but does so in a way that remains easy to understand. I have spent quite a bit of time studying some of the underlying Chinese philosophies but was pretty new to Feng Shui. This was a great entry point, but with plenty of meat to do back and digest later. Highly recommended for the beginner.

  5. CtrlAltDel

    I have several books on Feng Shui and this compares very well with the rest of them – I would even say it’s become my preferred go-to. It’s not as gimmicky as I feared it might be, the language style is upbeat professional and the tips, advice, and history are on point. I really like that this covers the garden too because most don’t. There’s a lot of negativity at the moment so I’m using this book to plan out what I can change and where. 5 stars because I’ve read a lot of Feng Shui books and this one is more practical and followable.

  6. Claire & Steve

    A decent book that’s put together well and ideal for beginners albeit the 2nd editionIt’s got plenty of theory and tips, packed with good information and a really good readRecommended

  7. Gabriela quintero

    Explicación muy completa y de manera sencilla, me gusto todo el contenido y lo use para aplicar los conceptos a mi casa. Súper recomendado

  8. The Reading Room

    A comprehensive yet extremely readable guide to Feng Shui – 5 StarsA wonderful book to dip in to (there’s far too much to take-in in one sitting), this comprehensive guide covers everything from what Feng Shui actually means, to how to adapt the techniques to enhance your own lifestyle and personal well-being. The lay-out of the book follows the usual ‘Dummies’ format in that it is very easy to read, well indexed, and has helpful icons throughout to highlight specific tips and points to remember.Having an interest in eastern cultures and mindfulness, I found many of the ideas discussed dove-tailed with concepts learned from other teachings, including Buddhism. The scope of the information is vast, and while there were subjects that seemed a little alien, I was equally surprised at how many of the techniques I had already unknowingly adopted within my own home just because they feel right to me. The essential message is that Feng Shui should contribute to an individual’s well-being, and while some of the concepts discussed didn’t appeal, there was much here that drew my attention.Overall: An informative, interesting, and extensive guide to Feng Shui.

  9. Zee

    I am quite happy reviewing a book labelled ‘for dummies’ I totally admit i like the principals of Feng Shui but beyond that know little about it so it’s a pretty apt title for me. I like the minimalism of Feng Shui and if it means i can also gain some order out of everyday chaos by furniture and household items placement then that’s a bonus and also to be fair since we moved to our new home a few years ago it’s been miserable and like a bad energy is hanging around!, family relationships have changed and are nothing like the way they have been previously.. well.. according to this book we also have some of the major Feng Shui no-no’s like a staircase in the centre of the home, also it’s directly inside our front door, with a toilet at the top of it! (major nightmare apparently!) but the book says there are ways to combat the ‘bad flow of chi’.. including placing a plant at the bottom of the staircase (weirdly i had done this a few months previously to this book arriving and weirdly our luck and day to day chaos has calmed down somewhat, i didn’t connect the two though but who knows.. other advice was wind chimes.. also weirdly again i had hung some around the same time i placed the plant.. honest it’s true!, maybe i am more in tune with energy and it’s flow than i realise?.. but things , although far from being back to what they were are calmer.. so i will be having a in-depth read of this book and who knows maybe it will help?.. It certainly can’t hurt, and there is a lot of info in it.I would recommend, it is simple, easy to understand with some good achievable advice/cures for tricky situations (far as Feng Shui goes..) also nice these ‘cures’ don’t blow the budget. It also has a very in-depth index.Would recommend and will update further on any ‘cures’ i try. Would be lovely to report this has helped in my situation and therefore may in others having a hard time.Arrived well packaged and on time.

  10. Margaret7

    I am fascinated by feng shui and only knew a little about it, so was very happy to review this book. It is excellent in that it is very approachable and easy to understand, while at the same time it goes into all the aspects of the philosophy and practice of feng shui, which is very much a philosophy that is outside our western view of how the world works. And it is really very interesting indeed.I especially like that the book covers the principles and practice for both inside and outside spaces. Most books only cover the home, but the front and back garden (if you have them) are also important spaces – and it has been fascinating to learn all the things that can be done to facilitate the flow of energy outside the home as well as inside. And it also looks at how to set up your office or workspace. Of course it is rarely possible to ensure the structure of a home or office is laid out within the principles of good feng shui unless you are a self-builder, but there certainly is an awful lot we can do to support or counteract that, from how we follow the principles when we lay out the interior and when we plan our gardens – and this helpful book walks you through it all. I’ve recently moved house and am using the book nearly every day at the moment. It’s brilliant.

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